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JILI SLOT is the latest and greatest game camp today. The games available are easy to crack and the prizes are numerous, so play the hottest and latest online casino gaming games such as slot games, free spins and free credits, as well as daily promotions and bonuses on Jilipro.

Available to all registered members!

Available to all registered members!
Get up to ₱1,000 pesos welcome bonus!

Cash in $10,000, Bonus 10% = $1,000︱Total turnover requirement = ($10,000 + $1,000) * 3 = ₱30,300

Place daily bets on JILI games and get a nice rebate depending on your membership level.

Place daily bets on JILI games and get a nice rebate depending on your membership level.

Valid Turnover of the previous day - ₱100,000︱Rebate 0.5% - ₱100,000 * 0.5% = ₱500

Referral commissions are paid daily and you can receive unlimited referral bonuses, if your friends have higher turnover, you can receive more every month!

Referral commissions are paid daily and you can receive unlimited referral bonuses, if your friends have higher turnover, you can receive more every month!

Referred Player Total Valid Turnover = ₱100,000︱Referred Player Total Deposit Amount = ₱5,000︱Referral Bonus for Referred Player = ₱88︱Referral Bonus for Referrer = ₱88︱Turnover requirement for each = ₱88 * 1 = ₱88

                            Jilipro birthday bonuses!

24/7 customer support to apply for birthday bonuses

Jilipro wishes you a happy birthday and hopes you will celebrate our special day with us.

Birthday Bonus = ₱1,888

Valid Turnover requirement = ₱1,888 * 1 = ₱1,888

                            Jilipro birthday bonuses!

Jilipro offers member level rewards

the higher the level the more rewards you can receive, after upgrading you must meet the requirements to maintain your status, if you fail to do so, your membership will be downgraded.

                            Jilipro birthday bonuses!

Jilipro offers deposit rewards

Deposit your game funds and don't worry about the limit of what you can use after depositing. Jilipro offers deposit rewards, the more you deposit the more you can receive.

100 Claim 140
200 Claim 300
300 Claim 455


Multiple gaming partners bring great fun to Filipino players

At Jilipro, we focus on creating the world's leading casino software. The software providers who play here help you reap the rewards of these casino game variations and they bring fun to all Filipino players who are responsible for creating games and controlling the progressive jackpots, free spins and more found in your favorite Jilipro online casinos.

Sign up online at Jilipro or on mobile

In 2022, all Filipino players will be able to access online casinos wherever they go. Smartphones bring unlimited convenience and fun, and no matter what brand of smartphone you use, be it iOS, Android, Jilipro offers all players the opportunity to earn free points by playing our online slots games. All you have to do is start playing our online slots games and earn free credit promotions to play online slots anywhere.

  • Step 1. Click on the link to apply to Jilipro and click on "Sign Up".
  • Step 2. Enter your account and password to be set up, as well as your phone number, and confirm that it is your correct phone number to receive the OTP verification number to log in to Jilipro.
  • Step 3. Choose the bank you want to use to apply for your game account. Jilipro supports many Philippine banks, if you want to deposit money faster you can choose Gcash.
  • Step 4. Fill in your personal information, your first and last name, which must match the bank account name.
  • Step 5. Choose whether you want to claim your Jilipro promotional bonus immediately or not.
  • Step 6. After you have completed your membership bonus application, you can start placing your bets.

Fun Jilipro. is the largest online casino in the Philippines!

Get ready to kick off your entertainment journey at Jilis SLOT today. A very popular online slots site that ensures fun and quality service, this is a newer type of slots game. You can enjoy the convenience of registration, free bonus points from lucky promotions and organized rebates for all Philippine casino players.


At Jilipro, we offer the latest and free online slots to slot players around the world from anywhere, from traditional fruit type games to themed scratch cards and fun 3D adventures, you are sure to find your favorite casino games here.


Fishing is a modern and famous online casino game with a variety of fun and cute design objects, developed by the design team, which are shot with different bonus amounts and help to accumulate your game money through sophisticated 3D animations and simple shooting.


Dedicated to making Lotto games fun, easy to use and flexible for everyone. Lotto is a simple game with a chance to win millions of prizes. Lotto is played by selecting six different numbers between 1 and 52. During the draw, six numbered balls are drawn from a pool of balls.

Live casino

What are live casinos? They are real money games that allow you to play against live dealers in real time via webcam. At Jilipro Live Casino, we have created the most exciting and highest quality games in the online casino arena.


Find the best site to bet on your favorite NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and CFL teams at Jilipro. We also have great guides to help you place your bets on UFC races, Formula 1 races and your favorite golf tournaments.


7 advantages of playing Jilipro

1. Online casino games are simple and easy to play, with beautiful appearance and realistic graphics.
2. New games are updated from time to time, so you will not be bored.
3. You can use your cell phone or computer to play.
4. Automatic deposit and withdrawal system, within 20 seconds to complete the transaction, faster and more secure.
5. New member rewards are diversified, with bonuses available every day.
6. 24-hour online service for all Filipino players.
7. Long-term service provides a safe and reliable betting environment.

The Jilipro slot games are classified as the best quality, fast and luxurious casino games for Filipino players. It is considered as a popular slot game that many young people love and enjoy in their free time. The games have been certified and licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resorts Corporation as a corporate giveaway. Therefore, Jilipro casino slots as well as live casino and shooter games are completely fair, unbiased and never manipulated.