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There are many alternative Fish Shooting Games to play in the Philippines

We would like to recommend you one of the popular casino games in the Philippines, a game where you can collect game bonuses just by shooting, using your concentration and patience to collect points by shooting different types of fish in the Fish Shooting game. This is a game that requires luck and skill. If you win the fishing competition, you will receive huge bonuses.

Fish Shooting Game

jilibet has many types of fish to kill and once you kill the fish, you will be rewarded with some real money and the game has many features that attract many users. The game has different styles of guns to kill fish and players can choose from small guns to big guns and you can see and enjoy a lot of things with this amazing arcade game that gets all kinds of benefits and support.

Today I want to introduce you a new fish shooting game from KA, SPACE CAT.

It’s not really a new game, as Space Cat rocket game is very popular and was popular back in the 90s. When you enter the game, there will be 3 rooms to choose from, depending on the betting amount. There is a chance to win up to 200 times the bonus, so it is recommended that you also turn on the sound when you play to ensure that you have fun and make a lot of money.

This exciting arcade game will show you the best fighters of the three kingdoms.

A Chinese themed fish shooter, Three Kingdoms follows the power struggle between the Chinese kingdoms and offers three rooms, different rates, mouse control mechanics and special abilities for warriors. In battle, you will have different assistants: phoenixes, dragons and more. You also have a chance to win 100 individual jackpots and 2 cumulative jackpots.

Poseidon sfcret is an excellent online slot game with a pantheon of gods that can be found on the reels including Poseidon, Athena, Zeus and Hera, as well as game symbols such as treasure chests and ships. It also features great graphics, amazing sound effects and exciting bonus games. Play Poseidon’s Treasure Fish Shooter without going deep sea diving for sunken treasures! Beneath the waves of the Aegean Sea, Neptune himself is waiting to offer you a truly generous gift.

Force of the Dragon is a fun arcade game from KA Gaming. Before starting the game, you can choose between rooms with different prices, ranging from $0.01 to $10 per spin.

This slot game is dedicated to one of the most popular myths of Asia, the world of dragons. During the game, oriental melodies will accompany you as you explore the deepest parts of the ocean, where mysterious dragons and beautiful fish are found.

KA fish hunter brings you an extraordinary slot experience that takes the basic features of video slots and combines them with great shooting games. Shoot your way to success as you dive deep into the sea, ready to fight your opponents who are also fish!

As one of the many versions of the well-known provider, this version combines the popular shooting arcade game with video slots. The goal is to use your gun/shotgun to catch as many fish as possible and earn rewards. 

King octopus is a new creation from KA Gaming, with a new style. It’s a nautical theme with fish, treasure and cannons, but not your typical slot game! The fishing theme is a game unlike any other. The slot is feature rich and has a unique style that you will love or hate, right at the bottom of the ocean you will find a whole world waiting to be explored, no reels, no paylines, just shoot with cannons and bonuses to win big.  

Animal fishing is a cute animal fishing game and if you like fishing and want to play some cool fishing slots, then you will find a lot of games to try. Whether you prefer to play on your PC or prefer the flexibility of using your phone to spin and win, there are plenty of options waiting for you. If you are an experienced reel spinner and decide to take advantage of the demo slots, then our fish themed games are just as exciting as the animal games

Alter World is an online arcade game in which you have to repel the aliens’ attacks. You are also invited to activate special rocket bombs and increase the rate of fire of space weapons for high bonuses. Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush and fight off a horde of wild aliens with rocket bombs before they kidnap you first! If it’s risk you’re looking for, then just take a look at Alter World.

Grab your grip and fly the most exciting aircraft in the Allied air force. Soar over landmark war zones like Pearl Harbor, Midway, Gibraltar and more. air combat1942 is a fast-paced World War II air combat game with arcade elements and a hands-on, ready-to-play mechanic. As a pilot of some of the greatest fighter planes in history, you can take on missions to defeat powerful enemies and gain experience points.

Blast your enemies in the new classic 2D pixelated side-scrolling shooter Star Hunter. Inspired by arcade classics and 80’s cartoons, this game follows the traditional formula of navigating enemy projectile barrages while gaining power-ups and completing levels. star hunter features a 16-bit retro aesthetic. Choose between multiple pilots with unique special moves as you explore alien worlds and outer space.

Fa chai fishing Come and explore all the riches in our game! “Fa chai” is derived from the Chinese word for “to get rich”. To wish you lots of luck, we offer free lucky red packets for players to enjoy while fishing. Get a basic 10x and a free Thunderball, and your fortune awaits you at Fish Hunter. Catch every fish you want, and you don’t even need to buy a fishing rod first.

Do you want to change the way you play? You have found the right one. Hero fishing

Hero Fishing” offers you a different way to play. As you unlock more hero cannons, you’ll have hero superpowers and get double the rewards. 200x the rewards, making fishing even easier!

Fishing has never been so much fun! Now play with special powers and super weapons and enjoy a heroic fishing battle experience.

Oneshot Fishing is the best fish table shooting game. This is a game that has aroused the enthusiasm of players from the very beginning, and you will not only learn more secrets of the wonderful game world, but also enjoy extremely attractive rewards even if you are just a novice. With its modern graphics and eye-catching colors, Oneshot Fishing is one of the most talked about games in recent times.

Paradise is one of the hottest CQ9 games in the CQ9 shooting fish series and more importantly it is a new game. For this game, there is a feature of extra charge to fight fish. But this game will be available in one chapter. Players can earn as much money as they want here. Enough to satisfy the wishes of every player. If you are looking for a new gaming experience with great design and value for money, then Star Hunter is the right game for you.

New fishing season is an incredibly addictive game that will help you pass the time while having fun! Hold the trigger and shoot at fish, monsters or anything else to run out of ammo and stop the game. Then cash in all the coins you’ve won! Players who have played this game will be fascinated by themes like “Fearless Gunslinger”, “Killer Whale” and “Tiger Shark”. Every day there is something new to discover! Catch as many fish as possible and earn amazing rewards!

Features of playing Fish Shooting Game at jilibet login

  • The key to success lies in the learning opportunities behind the mechanics. Mastering different types of casual games, understanding their modes and fine-tuning them for mobile devices gives us an edge over our competitors, and we can share that with you.
  • jiliplay888 invites players to share their passion for Fish Shooting Game through its colorful graphics, sounds and pure gaming fun, and is quickly becoming a platform for pure casino fun.
  • We keep all members’ information fully protected, using SSL encryption, fast deposits, and use your money to buy the best shooting weapons and bullets for you, so that all the money from these fishes can be pocketed.

What you have to pay attention to when playing Fish Shooting Game is:

To win the Fish Shooting Game, you need to aim at the best targets, because the main symbols carry different bonus amounts from the smallest fish to the boss fish.

Bonus Fish

The bonus fish are theme related and have symbols such as fish, birds, dinosaurs, mermaids, AI robots, demons or generals, etc. These bonus fish will follow different scenarios and appear in schools of fish, both large and small, and players can focus their bullets on this time period.

Tool fish

Tool fish have a lot of benefits for players, these tool fish have treasure chests that bring bonuses, and free bullet refills, or deep water bombs, etc. Players have to make several shots at these tool fish, so you can collect the rewards on the tool fish.


Boss fish symbols are mostly the main characters in the game, and when the boss fish appear, there will be a special background music.

Some tips to try when attacking fish

Use both slow and fast speed when facing the target

  • Slow shooting you can use in normal mode, when the fish are more scattered, swimming or running at different speeds, we recommend that players can target small fish, these will be easier to get.
  • Rapid fire can be used in the special mode, when entering the special mode the fish will increase, then you can focus your bullets on this time, you can get a lot of bonuses in it.
  • By letting the bullets bounce back, you can hit the fish where they are most vulnerable, so you can take them down faster.