A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend in KA Gaming’s glittering video slot A Girl’s Best Friend. The game is filled with sparkling symbols such as diamonds, gold, sapphires and bracelets, and the reels are presented like expensive ornaments that appear on the payout table. It’s nice to see that this game features some gambling games that offer players more chances to win, as you can choose the odds to start each game before the game begins, and then place your bets on the 4×5 reel slot machines.

Game Symbols

Spin the jewel-encrusted reels to see if you can win a spin on the bonus reels. The reels are filled with gold bars, silver bars, copper bars and other incredible prizes!

The wild symbol, diamond, is a wild symbol that doubles the payout of any combination it completes. Get 3 or more jewel boxes to scatter the symbols anywhere on the reels to play the jewel box bonus game! The wild symbol in this game comes with its own payout, and it can also replace other diamond symbols to get a bonus for getting a connection.

Scater symbols, which are red glowing gems, also come with free spins and require a minimum of 3 symbols to qualify for free spins, with a maximum of 8 free spins at a time.


This is a glittering slot game where you can bet on 50 paylines in 4X5 reels. These paylines can be wagered all together or individually, all arranged from left to right, and the bonus from the paylines is awarded according to the arrangement of the 50 paylines.