Agent Ace

Are you ready to become a spy? The hunt is on, and the stakes are high with Agent Ace, an online casino game from software developer Jili Slots. With sophisticated facial features, this game is perfect for you if you like spy movies and immersive storylines. With its excellent features of cascading coins and a solid set of bonuses, Agent Ace may just be one of the best slots you’ve ever played.

Game Symbols

Agent Ace is an online slot from software developer Jili Slots that lets players take on the role of a spy and another clever partner. Your mission is to hunt down and capture the most important villains, whose arrest warrants are flying around the city.

  • Scatter symbols, with a bullet pattern, are bonus symbols that give you free spins. When you collect 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols, you can receive 8, 12, or 15 free spins, so collecting this bonus symbol is the most important thing you can do in the game.
  • Wild symbols, collecting 8 or more Wild symbols will turn the pocket symbols into a golden wallet and award you with 1 additional free spin. Collecting 16 or more Wild symbols will turn the Pistol symbol into a golden pistol and award you 2 additional free spins. Collecting 22 or more Hundred symbols will turn the Clock symbol into a golden clock and award you 3 additional free spins. Collecting 28 or more Hybrids will double your total bonus.


In Agent Ace slots, you can wager 25 paylines in the 3X5 reel game and by wagering these paylines, you can get a lot of rewards and best of all, you can get these payline rewards through free spins.