Are you ready to drive your favorite car on the race track? Yes, you can go here. Animal Racing is an online slot game with such a story. All players take special care when playing Animal Racing and it is recommended that everyone use the auto play mode. The game is played at a very fast pace and manually adjusting the amounts, bet lines and spins will leave you wondering if this method is fast enough to compete with other players using auto spin.

Game Symbols

Animal Racing Slots is a new online casino slot game that looks like a cartoon but also has a 3D visual design where you will have fun spinning the reels with different animals, cars and big prizes. The game has some very special features, including unpredictable Wild symbols and fun bonus games! A fuel pump, a traffic cone, a helmet, two tires and 2 racers, among them a rabbit and a turtle.

  • Wild symbols, wild symbols are very important role in the game, they can be used in 3, 4 and 5 spins, and the subsequent spins time can be kept wild to give you more rewards, you can get a kind of magic time that replaces all special symbols in the game as well as basic slot game symbols.
  • Scatter symbols are where you can get free spins. When you collect 3 Scatter symbols, you can get up to 12 free spins and the symbols themselves come with a payout.


The winning line is your choice, you can also choose to bet on all the paylines or choose one of the lucky paylines in the 88, when the soundtrack of the racing track starts, you have entered the game and bet on Animal Racing to get the bonus, you can know that each payline carries the highest prize.