How to play CircusDozer slot game is exactly what the name of the game says. the word Dozer can be translated to mean bulldozer, where the basic gameplay is to keep betting and then pushing money into this channel to collect power points again randomly for various special features within the game. circusDozer is full of ways to win, with free spins, gold bars and balloons giving you more chances to get points, two clowns with big happy mouths, representing the joy that the game will bring to you.

Game Symbols


  • When the power of the bonus bar is to be completed, you will get the bonus connection, and when the bonus light in the game lights up, your coins will bring you the game bonus rate.
  • The way the clown gets the prize is by connecting the winning line. If the icon light in the grid lights up after the coin’s fall, your prize is not far away and when you complete the connection, you can increase your prize number according to the above multiplier.
  • If the energy bar of the LUCKY slot machine is full, it can automatically trigger bonus games such as draws, wins, free spins, etc. Then the slot machine reels will randomly spin the prizes in the game’s usual symbols once, for a total of 5 paylines. If the bonus symbols follow the diagonal paylines, the prizes will be doubled and special.
  • If you get the bonus, it must be a generous reward that gives you extra money on top of your bets for the round. After players have accumulated 5 energy bars, they can spin all the slots at the same time and double their winnings per game.