As Monkeys KING, the first nightclub he operated was authorized by the Jade Emperor. DJ Monkeys KING slot machine is inspired by the monkeys in the Journey to the West. It tells the story of the Monkey King who was born from the magical rock of the Goddess. This game is played by 3X5 reels and tonight you are the focus of the spotlight, wowing everyone and heating them up with music. the professional team of will always provide high quality entertainment business games.

Game Symbols

Today at can get many powerful items such as Monkeys KING iconic golden headband, armor and special game symbols like cloud walking boots and phoenix hat. He is a smart and skilled leader who wants nothing more than to lead his team of DJs out of the dark mountains and become mortal again!

  • Scatter symbol, a colorful glowing DJ tray, will bring you a lot of good luck. The number of free spins will be accumulated.
  • The Wild symbol, the legendary golden rod that can be extended and contracted to change its hardness and softness at will, is a special symbol that can replace all the special symbols and the basic slot game symbols.


There are 243 game symbols in the game and this arrangement will help you to win, as long as your game symbols are arranged from left to right in accordance with the game rules, you will receive game bonuses.