A game paradise from the African savannah. What does a person expect when he thinks of Africa? The game screen has a variety of African savannah animals running around, the vibrant animals seem to be running towards the players, bringing rich prizes. To help players win more money more often, the developers have introduced an all-win system with a very high number of paylines.

Game Symbols

The tropical savannah world is full of wonders and surprises! Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of African nature and search for great treasures. The gorgeous graphics, upbeat music, thrilling scenarios and incredible prizes will keep you hooked all day long.

  • Scatter symbols, a symbol marked with the word Scatter, give players the opportunity to spin for free.
  • The Wild symbol can replace these African savannah animal symbols, playing card symbols, and the Scatter symbol cannot be replaced by any symbols in the game symbols.


SAVANNA has 32,400 ways to win, which makes it one of the highest winning slots among online slots, but you should know that there are rules about the way to win and your game symbols have to be arranged in the same way as the rules in order to win.