Super Rich

There are many classic slots in JILI slots, and this is a 3 reel classic slot machine with a Thai god as the theme number of the game. The elephant head god is also called the god of success, and many people will go to the elephant head temple when they travel to Thailand to pay homage to the elephant head god, hoping that he will give good luck.

Game Symbols

Nowadays, many people prefer simple games, and this 3 reel slots from JILI online slots software is made for players who do not like complicated games, the symbols of this game are simple elephant head gods, and only different colors of elephant head gods represent different payouts.

The second highest symbol is purple, followed by red, green and any three symbols, and the lowest is any three symbols, and if you have a gold symbol plus other symbols of different colors, you will also be rewarded.


Speaking of classic 3 reel slots, the easiest and fastest pay line is 1. As long as the arrangement is the same as the game rules, you will be rewarded with the game.